"Over the last year, we have had the privilege of getting to know Carl and Dottie Spencer and the company they created.

"We have been amazed by both the quality of their product and their relentless dedication to customer satisfaction.

"Carl's years of experience in the cabinet industry show in every piece that comes out of their shop. He is always striving to make his product better than it already is."

    -- Finish Carpenter

Corner cabinet built in 1857 by Carl Spencer's direct ancestors with Walnut harvested from the family farm

Ancestors of founder Carl Spencer came West in the early 19th Century, bringing their cabinetmaking profession with them from North Carolina. Carl still has a Walnut corner cabinet (see photo) built by his great-great-great-grandfather and son circa 1857 along with a secretary desk built by his grandfather and great uncle in 1903.

Carl himself started as production labor on a panel saw at Armstrong Cabinets. Over the years, he served as Director of Manufacturing for Draper DBS, StarMark, and Canyon Creek Cabinets; and Vice President Operations for Omega Cabinetry. His unusually broad cabinetmaking experience ranges from mass-produced stock cabinets to ultra high-end one-of-a-kind custom furniture.

Along the way, Carl and Dottie Spencer have discovered that the basic Toyota Production System works as well for designing and manufacturing cabinets as it does for automobiles. The organization they have built yields exceptional product design flexibility, high quality, and unmatched service -- all for a very affordable price. Also see the Everett Herald.        Return to Menu