"Attached are some photos of the kitchen and family room.

"It turned out fabulous and I want to thank you both for being so wonderful to work with.

"Your dedication to your clients is stellar and you kept right on target with the schedule, which is key for any project, so I thank you!"

    -- Bothell, WA

What is “Premium Furniture Construction”

Simply put, what is under the countertop is as important as visible styling when it comes to the durability and longevity of your cabinetry.

It turns out building cabinets using time-honored furniture-making methods doesn’t have to cost any more than throwing them together in large scale for the quick buck. Well-built cabinets simply look better and last longer . . . all in all, the best value.     Below is a partial list of important furniture construction features typically not found in other cabinet lines, but standard with Spencer LLC:

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