"We have over 15 years experience in construction, with a large part of that in finish carpentry.

"We have installed thousands of cabinets made by dozens of competitors.

"From the major cabinet companies to the local custom shops, without a doubt we would install Spencer Cabinets in our own homes."

    -- Finish Carpenter

Baked On Furniture Sheen Finish

There is no secret about our silky smooth finish -- the right material applied with the right equipment in the right controlled environment. No dust, no muss!

Our clean-room finishing and baking system blocks out dust and other contaminants by sealing the process in a rubber-gasketed pressurized chamber, then ventilating it with double-filtered heated air. Other companies' open booths or paint rooms just don't "deliver the goods" quite like this system.

First, we hand-wipe your selected stain to bring out the natural wood grain. This technique not only results in the most natural look, it also uses the least material, sparing the outside atmosphere from tons of pollutants a year compared to spray stains typically used by most cabinet manufacturers.

Next, we apply several coats of your choice of a very tough low formaldehyde catalyzed conversion varnish or a formaldehyde-free water-based clear finish. Each coat is baked at exactly the right temperature (up to 175° F) for exactly the right time for a full cure. Different materials require different temperatures and baking times, not the single (or uncontrolled) time and temperature used by other cabinet companies.

Our painted finishes use a "base coat, clear coat" methodology like modern automotive finishes, resulting in a deeper, richer luster. Our system is unusually capable of all the styling effects: distressing, glazing, multi-color rub-through and chipping, and more.

No secret at all. It's just nobody else bothers to do it our way.     Next feature