"We LOVE our new kitchen and laundry room . . . bedroom also.

"[My husband] has to give everyone the "grand tour" every time we get company. I think some of them have had the tour several times . . .

"Next summer we will be remodeling the bathrooms."

    -- Oak Harbor

Flush, finished ends yield a finished furniture look and make the installer's life easier
Flush, Finished Ends        

Other manufacturers ship their cabinets with an unfinished exposed end, then supply the installer with a finished panel "skin" to glue and nail into place under job-site conditions. Their construction leaves a tell-tale ridge with a very visible clumsy joint down the front edge of every end cabinet.

Installers hate the extra work of applying these skins, not to mention having to notch this unsightly "scribe" ridge for trim moulding with a hand chisel. And you hate the not-quite-finished look to all the casework throughout your home.

Even if you can get flush, finished ends from another manufacturer, you will likely pay extra because it's an abnormal process for them.

Spencer LLC's production system is designed to build the professional furniture look of flush, finished ends as our normal process for no extra charge. We believe the cabinetmaker's bench is the best place to build cabinets, not the job site. Also see wainscot panel ends.