"We have over 15 years experience in construction, with a large part of that in finish carpentry.

"We have installed thousands of cabinets made by dozens of competitors.

"From the major cabinet companies to the local custom shops, without a doubt we would install Spencer Cabinets in our own homes."

    -- Finish Carpenter

Factory-installed glass is shock mounted, then finished with matching species bead moulding neatly mitered in the corners

Glass Paneled Doors

Glass doors for upper cabinets, home theatre installations and bookcases are the trend.

Yet most cabinet manufacturers are terrified of breakage with glass doors and, as a result, ship their products with empty frames.

This widespread practice saddles you with the problem of sourcing, fitting and installing any glass. The resulting quality is dependent entirely on the installer's glazing skills.

In truth, properly installed glass strengthens and stabilizes the doors, reducing any chance for handling damage. And a professional installation just looks better.

First we shock mount our glass, then we finish the installation with bead moulding made with the same wood species and finish, neatly mitered in the corners.     Next feature