"Thanks for your great work on [my customer's] kitchen.

"Appliances went in today and she loves everything thus far.

"Dottie, your idea with the shorter side cabinet looks amazing!"

-- Sammamish Contractor

Professional Engineering, Custom Details   

Wood swellling and shrinking with inevitable humidity changes is one of the more challenging aspects of quality woodworking. And one of the most ignored.

For example, most people (even in the woodworking industry!) don't realize a solid 24" wide Maple (or Oak or Hickory, etc.) board is likely to vary up to one-half inch (1/2") from one season to another. The hydraulic pressures involved can blow apart the most carefully machined and assembled doors and cases unless the certainty of this movement is allowed for.

We run the calculations unique to each wood species to accommodate this wood movement. We make sure the wall cabinet backs and end panels are shear loaded to keep a properly installed cabinet full of your valuable heirloom china securely on the wall, and that the shelves don't sag. We can also integrate custom features to personalize your cabinets while doing so.   Next Feature

Cherry table base requires adequate sheer bracing and top support      Solid Cherry top is mounted with metal clips that can slide in and out of a groove to allow for seasonal wood movement      Carved Cherry legs are integrated into cooktop base to coordinate with customer's decor