"Well, we love our new kitchen!!

"Every day I walk into the kitchen and think, 'WOW! This is OUR kitchen!!'

"The cabinets are beautiful.

"I'm attaching some pictures so you can see the before and after:

"What a difference!!

"Thanks again for all your help."

    -- Lynnwood, WA

Recessed panel upper and lower wainscot ends bring furniture appearance and quality to built-in casework
Wainscot Panel Ends    

We make our frame and panel wainscot cabinet ends the same way they have always been made by furnituremakers over the last several thousand years -- as the actual end panel built into the cabinet.

These are not the tacky plant-on doors or separately applied wainscot panels used by most "semi-custom" cabinet companies to simulate frame and panel ends, these are the real thing. And they don't cost any more than the less attractive counterfeit wainscot panel ends, at least from us.     Next feature

Raised panel wainscot ends used with an angle island end cabinet