"Because of the quality of Spencer Cabinets, we are able to charge less for their installation over that of other cabinet companies.

"We know that every cabinet will be built correctly, making them easier and quicker to install."

    -- Finish Carpenter

Paid Apprenticeship Program   

We are building an organization where there are no dead-end jobs. There are always opportunities in our system to qualify for more responsibility and higher income, and you always know what is required to achieve them.

You can start at the bottom and master the skills required to advance to the top over time. Or, if you already have some of the right experience, you can start in the middle, fill in any holes, and advance to the top. Or you can qualify for the job you are best at.

After all, our growth depends on having people fully qualified for better jobs by the time we need them there.

We teach modern cabinet manufacturing based on the principles of the Toyota Production System. As a result, crosstraining and employee development are built into the system. We all share in the same rewards (or suffer in the same consequences) together.