"When showing off our new kitchen to friends and family, the most frequent question we get is, 'Who did your cabinets?'

"I have been hesitant to send photos only because [I] cannot seem to do justice to the beauty and richness of the wood.

"Nevertheless, I've attached a few so you can at least get an idea.

"Maybe I should call the Sunset Magazine people to take a proper photo, in fact it would make a great home improvement story if only I had pictures of the old kitchen to show a proper before and after."

    -- Lake Forest Park

Bonus System   

We pay a monthly profit-sharing bonus to all employees based on the success of the previous month. This bonus is intended to be a significant proportion of any employee's compensation, sometimes exceeding 25% when everything clicks.

The overall Bonus Pool is determined by a fixed significant percentage of net profits. If there are no net profits, there is no bonus.

Individual bonuses are calculated by first determining Share Points based on an employee's total hours worked multiplied by the nominal hourly wage rate as of the last day of the bonus month. Share Points for all employees are added up, and the bonus pool is divided in proportion to the individual employee's Share Points. New employees are eligible from their first hour worked.

Employees can earn more bonus by working together to make more profits, by working the maximum number of hours available, and by qualifying for a higher wage rate. An employee can lose his/her bonus by quitting or being terminated before bonuses are distributed the following month, by being in Written attendance status, or by being in any other Written disciplinary status. Forfeited bonuses are distributed to the rest of the team.

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