"Because of the quality of Spencer Cabinets, we are able to charge less for their installation over that of other cabinet companies.

"We know that every cabinet will be built correctly, making them easier and quicker to install."

    -- Finish Carpenter

Crosstraining and Compensation   

Crosstraining is so important that we base our entire compensation system on it. Wages are based on management assigned Cabinetmaking skill areas the employee has mastered and can consistently perform to company standards:

Entry Level -- Wages paid until one or more Cabinetmaking skill areas are mastered
Level I -- Fully mastered one Cabinetmaking skill area (Entry Level wages plus $1.00)
Level II -- Fully mastered two Cabinetmaking skill areas (Level I wages plus $1.00)
Level III -- Fully mastered three Cabinetmaking skill areas (Level II wages plus $1.00)

Every Cabinetmaking employee is expected to achieve at least Level III performance and wages in a reasonable amount of time. In addition, we have a limited number of certain positions (Level III wages plus up to $2.00):

Utility -- Fully mastered all Cabinetmaking skill areas, can perform any to company standards
Shift Lead Person -- Fully mastered all Cabinetmaking skill areas, demonstrated leadership

We also have one salaried position for each of the following:

Production Manager -- Mastered Cabinetmaking skill areas, leadership and organization
Assistant Plant Manager -- Mastered all Support skill areas , training to becoming Plant Manager
Plant Manager -- Mastered all Cabinetmaking and Support skill areas, leadership and organization

In addition, we pay a monthly profit-sharing bonus which is frequently several more dollars per hour.