"I want to let you know that the Spencer cabinets for [our] kitchen remodel are absolutely superb.

"We are extremely pleased with the design and color. The workmanship is top grade.

"Even more important than the above is the time, effort and personal touch that you and Dottie gave us to help with the design and suggestions for the cabinets."

  -- Monroe, WA

Wide-screen high-definition customer design center
Design Process     

It's personal for both you and us.

Come visit our showroom with your ideas and room dimensions. Look at our displays, samples, and manufacturing process. Together we will develop and draw up your dream cabinets with our wide-screen high-definition design center.

We have full CAD capabilities and can work out exactly what you require to 1/16th of an inch. Next we show you in 3-D and rotate it so you can put yourself in your new room and see it from all approaches.

Bring any blueprints, layouts, sketches, or competitive quotations you may have, or just bring your ideas and we'll get started.

Please Visit Our Showroom
Typical Information Needed
Styling Considerations
Professional Installation