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-- Edmonds, WA

Beaded-Frame Inset Doors and Drawers   

Well executed beaded-frame inset doors and drawers require top-notch cabinetmaking skills From the time of the 18th Century Old World cabinetmakers, beaded-frame inset doors and drawers have been the mark of high-style furniture and a measure of pre-eminent cabinetmaking skill.

Face frame joints are haunched with beading meeting in the corners at a perfect 45º angle. A consistent 3/32” space between the door and the face frame requires close tolerances while fabricating all parts.

Early cabinetmakers hand-fit their parts to accommodate the limitations of their hand tools. Less skilled modern cabinetmakers either do not attempt this refined style at all or use an unsightly, larger 1/8” gap since their doors and frames vary too much.

We build true beaded-frame inset cabinetry using the best combination of old and new techniques. Snug fitting pinned mortise-and-tenon joints make for strong face frames and doors, like the finest antiques.

We manufacture our own doors from scratch to control precision and to guarantee an exact match with the face frame. And we machine our parts to the right size in the first place using digital equipment. Our doors simply fit better.

This precision is not a special process for our beaded-frame inset products only -- we build all our cabinets the same way. High-end quality at a moderate price. The best of both worlds.     Return