Green Washington 50 Awards

Spencer LLC is listed as one of the top 50 greenest companies in Washington, and one of only 8 manufacturers so honored.

-- Seattle Business,
November 2012


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Green Washington Awards

Spencer LLC is one of the two manufacturers listed as. . .

"Leaders in Sustainability: 20 Businesses That Are Changing To Save The Environment"

-- Seattle Business,
October 2009

Other Green Products   

Wood remnants too small to use in our cabinets are reprocessed into these 8x16 cutting boards with non-skid rubber feet Solid Hardwood Cutting Boards & Trivets --

Remnants of the premium sustainable hardwood used to manufacture our cabinetry are reprocessed into these cutting boards, which may also be used as decorative trivets. No-skid rubber feet are pressed tightly into drilled holes and cannot fall off with heavy use (unlike the stick-on feet used by nearly all of our competitors).  

$7.50 each for 8"x8",  $10.00 each for our very popular 8"x16" size, and free with the purchase of any cabinetry.





Sawdust and shavings collected from our milling operation are reprocessed into fuel for pellet stoves and furnaces"Canned Heat 2012" Pellet Stove Fuel --Sawdust and shavings from our cutting and milling operations are collected and reprocessed into fuel pellets roughly 1/4" in diameter by 1" long (standard size). These may be readily burned in any pellet stove or furnace. Fuel pellets are considered "carbon neutral" when manufactured from sustainable materials since any carbon dioxide released is consumed entirely by the growing replacement trees and plants. Our pellets are made with a proprietary process resulting in greater BTU density and less ash -- more fuel in less space.

Prices vary with season and availability (currently available only to employees and existing customers). Sold bulk, 80 lb. minimum purchase.



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