Green Washington Awards 2009


"Runner-up: Spencer is a Monroe-based cabinet maker, for the sheer comprehensiveness with which it built sustainability into the design and manufacture of it products, cutting waste in half and quadrupling its return on assets."

-- Seattle Business
October 2009




Green Washington 50 Awards 2012

Spencer LLC is listed as one of the top 50 greenest companies in Washington, and one of only 8 manufacturers so honored.

-- Seattle Business,
November 2012


Spencer Cabinetry has been recognized by Seattle Business Magazine as a "Washington Green 50" company in 2012 as well as one of the " Leaders in Sustainability: 20 Businesses That Are Changing To Save The Environment " in 2009 and is a member of " Made In Washington."
      The EcoDesigner Process   

Construction System -- Our overall case structure has been computer-engineered to minimize material use. Panel stock is computer optimized to cut exactly what is needed -- one-sheet-at-a-time -- even with 100% custom sizing. The resulting yield is 5% to 10% better than industry norms.

Doors and Drawers -- We have the skill to make all our own doors and drawers, (1) giving us certified traceability for the wood components in our cabinets, (2) minimizing lumber waste by combining more part sizes in a single cutting, and (3) guaranteeing matching parts.

Equipment -- Our right-sized equipment uses less electricity. Dust collection gates are only open for equipment actively being used, resulting in a clean plant that uses less energy. Air make-up heat is on-demand instead of continuous, and our state-of-the-art fully-enclosed on-demand bake oven uses minimal exhaust air velocity to conserve gas while producing a smooth, baked-on finish.

Recycling -- 100% of our wood chips and sawdust go into horse bedding, then are composted, mixed with topsoil, and reused again. Our hardwood scraps heat several homes. Our minimal paint waste is reprocessed and reused. We only use recycled corrugated paper in our process, then we recycle it again. All pallets are returned to their source for reuse. 100% of our aluminum, steel, glass, or plastic beverage and liquid containers are recycled.

Transportation -- Most cabinets are delivered within 35 miles of our plant in right-sized trucks. Over one-third our employees regularly ride-share or use public transportation. Even our forklift is "plug-in electric."     Return to Products Menu