"We are so very happy with the [Brazilian Cherry vanity and linen] cabinets you made for our master bath.

They are lovely!"

   -- Edmonds, WA

Dishwater hanging onto bottom of door and face rails by surface tension

              From the Book of Secrets . . .

50% More Finish on Bottom Edges

Most modern cabinet finishes are essentially waterproof on the front surfaces -- a good thing in the kitchen and bath environments.

However, it is almost impossible to totally seal the end grain at the bottom of doors and face frames in a moving conveyor line finishing system used by most manufacturers. Not enough time in the booth is one problem. Poor edge coverage intrinsic with flat line spray systems is another.

It becomes your problem when water inevitably drips down the front of the cabinetry and hangs unnoticed for a long time under the bottom edge (see photo). Over time it wicks into the poorer finished end grain, swells the wood behind the finish, and causes the protective film to flake off.

The Spencer finishing system and proprietary technique apply 50% more finish specifically on the end grain for far greater water resistance right where you need it.      Return to Menu