"[My wife] wanted me to tell you that everything is just perfect and she can't think of even one little thing she would have done differently.

"(Believe me when I say this has never been the case on any other project before.)

"It was such a good experience working with you guys and [the contractor] that I wish I had another kitchen to do.

"Maybe if we downsize into a new house that needs work, but that doesn't look likely as I don't think I can get [my wife] to ever want to move out of this kitchen."

   -- Lake Forest Park

From the Book of Secrets . . .
Branded With Our Name

The top cabinet "signature" drawer of our cabinets is branded with our logo Every top drawer in our cabinets is branded with our logo (see photo).

We refer to this as the "signature" drawer for obvious reasons. The brand is inobtrusive, yet noticeable enough to serve several purposes:

As a marketing tool: Our brand helps people who see our existing cabinets and like them to find us.

As a customer service tool: Our brand directs people who need additional service from us to find us. For example, people have bought houses with our cabinets already in them and found us to provide additional matching cabinets (e.g., more laundry cabinets, entertainment centers, wets bars, etc.), or to professionally repair damage left by the previous owners, or just to add little things like drawer inserts, roll trays, or extra shelves.

As an accountability tool: Our brand is literally our last name. Not only our business reputation rides on the products we deliver, so does our personal reputation. We are very proud of what we make. There are many, many cabinet companies that don't dare put their names on the products they deliver.      Return to Menu