"Everything went very well on [my customer's] cabinets.

"She loves them.

"We finally got the permits for [the next job] last week so excavation begins soon.

"I [will] arrange to have them come up to your shop for a visit."

   -- Contractor in Tacoma, WA

From the Book of Secrets . . .
Extended Stiles as Standard

Automatically applying extended stiles to end cabinets and at corners is far superior to the use of filler boards and should not cost extra

We automatically (and at no extra charge) make the vertical frame members wider where your cabinets meet walls or other cabinets for three reasons:

1. It provides clearance for doors and drawers past door casing and other trim on the walls.

2. It provides clearance past pulls or knobs on cabinets, dishwasher doors or oven doors where the cabinets turn an inside corner.

3. It allows the installer to fit the cabinets precisely to the wall without resorting to ugly and expensive filler boards and the extra work they require.

It's such a simple solution you have to wonder why some cabinet companies don't offer it at all, and those that do charge extra for it! Of course, "frameless" brands of cabinets are stuck using myriad filler boards for obvious reasons. The remaining brands can't handle such "non-standard" cabinets well.   Except our flexible system can -- so extended stiles are standard.             Return to Menu