"I just ran into [my neighbor] walking our dogs this morning and she said they [bought from] you also.

"Clearly your cabinets sell themselves!"

-- Seattle, WA

Individual finishing materials have their own ideal baking temperature

               From the Book of Secrets . . .

   Ideal Baking Temperatures


Like all modern cabinet manufacturers, we cure our finishes in a large bake oven. Unlike most other companies, our oven is designed to bake each different finishing material at its ideal curing temperature and time.

No open spray booths, no dirty moving conveyor lines, and no wasteful open ovens for us! We leave the compromise curing conditions that are not ideal for any finish to our competitors.

First, you need a sealed, dust-free environment like ours with no conveyor or part movement during the entire process. Next, you need the correct "flash" time to let the bulk of the solvents escape and not bubble. Finally, you need just the right baking temperature and time.

Too low and the finish won't be fully cured, especially "painted" finishes. Too high and it bubbles and feels rough. Our finishes always come out just right!                  Return to Menu