"Thank you so very much for the cabinet door replacement, but mostly for all of the cabinets.

"They are so Beautiful."

   -- Kirkland, WA

From the Book of Secrets . . .
Why We Make Our Own Doors

We make our own doors out of the exact same material as the cabinets for a perfect match and high quality

Better Value: We don't pay any outside door manufacturer's profit margin, so you don't have to either.

Esthetics: All the doors come from the same batch of lumber as the cabinet box for perfect grain and color match. In contrast, wood for doors purchased by other companies can come from different parts of the country.

Design Flexibility: If you have a species or style in mind you don't see in our showroom, we can typically make it for you anyway.

Tolerances and Quality: Our tight tolerances make styles like beaded-frame inset doors possible. We ensure each door meets a single, high quality standard. Outside door manufacturers have to maintain many different quality standards to suit the widely varying needs of their many customers.

Customer Service: If you need to replace a damaged door, we can normally make you a new one in one to two days. Most other companies take one to three weeks.

Expertise: We offer you all the advantages listed above because we have the requisite master cabinetmaking skills and experience. We have always made our own doors and we always will.    Return to Menu