"I included [a] picture to show you what a great job!

"As you can see . . . much neater than before.

"Thank you!"

   -- Everett, WA

From the Book of Secrets . . .
Strong, Steel "One-Handed" Shelf Pins

Strong, steel shelf pins which can be easily adjusted with one hand versus cheap plastic clips that require three hands We supply strong, steel adjustable shelf pins (see left example in photo) with our cabinets at no extra charge.

Most other cabinet companies use a cheap plastic clip (see right example), which is really great for the manufacturer because (a) it costs them less and (b) they can use it to secure adjustable shelves in the cabinet for shipping.

But the "advantages" of the plastic clip stop at the point of delivery. To move or remove the shelf, it takes one hand to depress the clip at the back of the shelf, another hand to depress the front clip -- and yet another hand to move the shelf (we count three hands). Installers hate it because they typically have to remove the shelves to mount the cabinet properly on the wall. Homeowners hate it because (after breaking several) they simply give up and leave the shelves where the manufacturer or installer left them. Adjustable shelves? We think not.

Our steel shelf pin has superior shear strength for heavier objects and can be adjusted with one hand! In addition, we ship our adjustable shelves separately to save the installer time.     Return to Menu